Lets Get This Party Started…Again.

This is the official blog site for Tornado Gallery-our favorite art gallery in downtown Lubbock, or anywhere for that matter. It’s our favorite because we work it. We got lots of help, help from friends, help from customers, help from everyone. That is one cool thang-help-that translates into support folks, and support will keep us plugging along. That’s it. Keep plugging along is all we want to do That ain’t a whole lot to ask is it.

Y’all come see us at the corner on Buddy Holly and 19th Street-beautiful downtown Lubbock, Texas.

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Larry Simmons

First Friday Art Trail

First Friday…on the Fourth of July…in the Hub, talk about a coin toss-but the Trail must go on and what a trail it was! It was so cool…everyone on it was just in a great mood, tons of Red, White and Blue-lots of families…an all American day in Downtown Lubbock.

Lots of new faces, old friends, people who became new friends and even reestablishing old connections and all due to the First Friday Art Trail. This 7/4/2008 event brought out the old guard of the art world…the giants. The people that kept Art in the Hub alive during those dark years and are now celebrated State wide¬†and¬†World wide as being among the best.

How fortunate we are to live in a city where on this, the most family, outdoor, go to the lake- day of the summer…people congregated on Downtown streets to re acquaint themselves, soak up the talent that lives here, and celebrate the sun beginning to shine on the right people.

Thanks from Tornado Gallery to everyone who came by and made this a happening Fourth of July!